NOTE! The new, global, expanded version of the Guide will be launched end of May 2016!


Impact investing refers to investing with the specific objective of achieving a measurable positive social and/or environmental impact as well as financial return. It channels capital to ventures that use market-based mechanisms to address current global challenges.

Impact investing spans a broad range of themes and sectors, such as access to finance and education, affordable housing, social media, clean energy and healthcare. While the majority of impact investing opportunities is specific to the area of private equity and debt, there is a growing range of investment products across other asset classes.


The interest of wealthy individuals, their foundations and Family Offices in impact investing is growing fast fuelled by the desire to support solutions to current pressing problems while protecting and growing wealth. Yet acting on that interest has been a challenging step for many wealth holders.

This Guide provides a pragmatic set of guidelines, concrete tools, personal stories, and examples aimed to help those interested in managing their wealth for impact and profit to develop and implement such strategies successfully and to do the most good.

The Guide includes input from over 40 wealthy families and their Family Offices from around the world who/that are active in impact investing. They have generously shared stories of their successes, learning, mistakes, and best practices in an effort to make the entry path to impact investing less challenging for other private investors and philanthropists.




 "How money is invested today is crucial for
what the world will look like tomorrow."

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands